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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  December 10, 2012 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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over it, you only tlorn get through it. owe a surprise plea from a teenager accused of murdering his adoptive parents in january. the 16-year-old suspect entered a guilty plea for second degree murder for the death of his mother and first degree murder for killing his father. the bodies of the 50-year-old ask her husband were found in their lake merit home. their son expected to receive 25 years to life when sentenced. he was set to be tried as an adult. >> a pedestrian hit and killed by a car today put san francisco on course to top last year's fatalities. the deadly accident happened on beal and market streets on the day the city kicked off a program. program. rsty live from the scene for us. a man in his 40s was struck
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and killed with a pickup and authorities say it happened about 2:30 this afternoon. police do not know if the victim was in a crosswalk at the time. people who saw the accident upset and know the district can be a dangerous place if you're on foot. >> this is careful here. you can start running over people. you know? going fast. >> something like this happened to a friend of mine many years ago. i just kept thinking how we're always rushing about for the holidays and i'm trying to encourage people to slow down, be present. be safe. >> in 2011, did 17 pedestrians were struck, so far this year. 17 pedestrians have been killed in action.
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the district attorney announced that a new campaign would be kicked off called don't rush. urging to drive with caution during the holidays. >> thank you. >> police are investigating yet another incident. a parent spotted the device around 1:00 this after the in. classes had been dismissed for the day. the school was on lock down. free, police arrested two teen-aged boys. >> a frightening accident overnight involving two men in a laundry delivery truck. the truck burst into flames after hitting a power pole around 3:30 this morning. the men jumped from the tuck surrounded by live wires. authorities say the driver is a volunteer firefighter.
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the accident happened in front of the alameda county juvenile hall. 35 juveniles were evacuated. >> police are investigating a double shooting in the same neighborhood where a man was shot to death saturday night. sky 7>í4' was where the two men were shot this morning. both men expected to recover. block way from where the 34-year-old was shimd knox arrests been made. have not said if these incidents are related. >> in san pablo a had-year-old child is in protective custody. police investigate the murder of the man and woman believed to be the parents. reresponded to a call just before 1:00 a.m. found a man and woman, both 30 dead of gunshot wounds. the 4-year-old found unharmed. >> the president said today that he will not compromise on his demand to make the rich pay more taxes. he wants a deal to avert so
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the called fiscal cliff. some of the supporters were holding rallies across the country today. this drew about 50 people or so. however, they don't want to give up cuts for social cuts. >> i think it's important to recognize we can put revenue on the table. there are areas we know where we can have some significant place autos several republicans joined democrats today to point to one area that will be targeted or should be, defense spending. today, 11 republicans called on the president to chop $550 billion from the defense budget. >> if the country goes over that fiscal cliff, california has an awful lot to loose. more than other states, in fact.
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>> washington is sounding like sacramento these days waiting until the last minute to reach a deal, a trigger cuts if one isn't reached. as washington waits to come up with a deficit reduction, it's becoming clear california has a lot at stake if the fiscal cliff isn't averted. the state could lose $4.5 billion in federal funds. the legislative analyst office estimates the budget may shrink by $11 billion over two years. >> people think the economy would be drawn into recession. just like any recession that would affect state economy, revenues and result in billions of less tax revenue for the state.@sh >> southern california could be hit hard. a loss of 135,000 jobs last
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year. another recession is the last thing they want. they're urnling leaders to come to an agreement. >> if it continues to slow as much as it is now, it's fine, if at all. >> because voter as prove td prop 30,i sales tax will go up one quarter of a percent. high wage earners will are to pay more. if the bush tax cuts are loued to expire, a typical family of four liability will go up another $2200 a year. >> eating and rent and bills and stuff? it's hard. >> no deal on avoiding the fiscal cliff means about 400,000 are set to lose their unemployment benefits extension. thousands of low income families whose programs relie on funding could see their
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services cut such as head children and domestic violence shelters its incredible to think what we'll have to do. this is compared to those who will lose benefits. >> california has cut much of the safety net. >> thank you. >> a new u.s. court out this morning says china will soon outrank the united states as leading economic power. findings show china economy growing in a healthier face than hours and forecast by year 2030 asia will surprise north america in terms of global power. >> well, bart passengers have just over a week to sound off
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plan to triple parking rates over the next two years currently drivers either park free or park $1 per day to park. this plan would allow 50 cents increases twice per year. >> bart does need to raise revenue. on the other hand, it can be a hardship. >> stations have pricing based on demand. just a 50% hike generating about $5 million for bart. >> gas prices continue to fall. the survey over the weekend finds prices dropped 46 cents=> nationally. the maze now $3.38 a gallon saying prices should continue to fall. here in the bay area, drivers are paying 3 plt $70 for a
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gallon of regular. >> still to come here at 5:00 the colorful food that's could help women avoid breast cancer. >> a man takes law into his own hands setting up a camera. >> and california is late to the game here, finally ready to sign off on a service for the homeless other states are dialed into it. >> i'm sandhya patel. winter will be paying us a visit. cold rain, possibly snow. and frost. i'll have details coming up. >> stay with us. the news continues in one minute
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security video posted on you tube appeared to have caught a thief in the act. it shows a man taking items that is steven, living in the same neighborhood as the victim. he says he set up a camera to catch the person. police say he admitted to being the person but says he was just picking up cigarette butts from an ash tray. >> turning around the san jose state football program has now scored mike mcentire a new job at university of colorado. in three seasons he led spartans from a 1-12 record, terrible to 10-2. and a number 24 national ranking. it's quite a success story. the spartans will play in military bowl december 27th. he told his team this morning that he was headed for the new job )cw colorado. and by this afternoon, the school announced he had sign
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aid five-year deal worth $2 million. >> something host of us take for granted will be available for almost everyone in california. ready to sign off on the plan. >> the staff here at p.u.c. approved this plan. there are still eyes to dot and t's to cross before it's ready to roll. probably in with b.a month, or so. can you imagine life without the cell phone? it's a reality for many people. or, like teresa, their forced to make sacrifices. >> you have to sometimes choose between paying your minutes and for food? >> yes. yes. as a matter of fact, i have had to go short on food. >> now, a lifeline program is
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about to launch in california.q[ it will offer cell phones for an initial and hopefully refundable $20 fee.  messages each month. >> it would be mercy from heaven. >> jennifer with the coalition on homelessness believes it will trance form tens of thousands of live autos so huge, if you need to call 911 in the middle of the night or need to get in touch you have a phone f you're trying to get in touch with the potential employer? >> the director says it's going to struggle for years to get the public utilities commission to sign up. it's in 36 states. >> you're putting people into the main stream. that is the thing for people who are homeless. you know they're on the largin
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autos land line home phone usage plunged 43%. between 2000 and 2010. cell phone subscriptions pocketed 23%. >> we needed cell phones. >> now again this is a state wide program and participants will have to meet requirements making less than $15,000 a year. abc 7 news. >> thank you. >> another note about communicating g mail users may have been inconv9tq?1(qb by f does this happen to you? here is what went down. google is apologizing say there is a problem with cloud storage but should be restoreds. today's problem off and on for
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several hours. >> search crews found no sign of a man reported missing at mayor island. 77-year-old phillip mattingly seen saturday, working on a world war ii era boat. his son says he never came home. teams have searched the water over two days and have not been able to locate him. >> the risk of breast cancer is shown to be lower in women with a colorful diet. yellow, red, orange, foods like egg yolks tomatoes and carrots raised level of nutrition in the blood system. higher levelsj] are linked to a reduced risk of developing breast cancer. researchers reviewed eight studies and published results in journal of the national cancer institute. >> a crucial shortage of breast mic being reported in a milk bank. today, volunteers being urged to donate for mothers milk
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bank. premature infants need the nutrients that formula cannot provide. >> i wasn't able to breast feed my older kids. with this one i have extra supply. i want to make sure babies that needed it will be able to have it. >> studies show premature infants fed breastuú milk are often released from the hospital sooner often. >> the coast guard searching for what appears to be a 55 gallon drum floating beneath the san may dayo bridge. there it is there, around the bridge. it was called in this morning. the coast guard wants to make sure it's nothing dangerous or toxic. >> fallen tree caused thousands of dollars in damage to a home in oakland hills. the pine was in a neighbor's
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yard, also long enough to reach a roof top. the person there was sleeping at the time. >> what a spectacular day today. >> yes. >> sandhya patel is here now with the story. >> major changes coming. showing you a live picture now, i'll show you whailt looks like fromwzd our camera. we have clear skies three high temperatures. we have two other records to show you. let's check out another live picture from our camera. it's a beautiful view right now. clear skies and 38 degrees. there as early as wednesday. let's check out high temperatures today, oakland, downtown, record temperatures 72 degrees. it was 68 in santa rosa, napa.
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san francisco, 65. san jose, 68. this is changing. you'll be seeing changes, not yet. we do have our own radar this, is going to be busy in upcoming days. temperatures now in the 50s and 60s are falling and we're in for another cool night. here is the forecast. rain tomorrow night. going into wednesday. snowcz possible about 3500 feet, locally over the peaks. it's going to be cold, frosty thursday and friday morning. here ais a high company providing us a nice mild day. it's changing at the cold system will bring cold rain,
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drop snow levels. this begins tuesday night so you'll notice where the rain s we'll see rain spreading by 11 p.m. wide spread rain. then, heading into wee hours of the morning could see snow just around the mountains surrounding clear lake north of yu kaia. 5:00 p.m. wednesday, commute does not look good. widely scattered showers and rain continues 7:00 a.m. showers we begin to get a break here. showers continuing at 9:00 a.m. shifting south. light to moderate rain once again. a couple showers, 5:00 p.m. wednesday could see pink, which is a rain-snow mix just north of clear lake, maybe snow up there.
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we'll be watching that carefully this, not going to be a major rain event. by wednesday night, a tenth to a quarter inch for north way. east bay a tenth to a quarter inch of rain. temperatures on the chilly early valleys, low clouds near the coast. san jose, 43 degrees you'll see cloud covermfsl heading into tomorrow night. winter weather starts tuesday at 10:00 p.m. running until wednesday at 10:00 p.m. four to snin nine inches of snow above 3,000 feet. highs for tuesday cooler, mid-50s. to low 60s and as you check out the accu-weather forecast, rain turning into showers on wednesday.hdeé cold, frosty thursday, friday morning. temperatures cooler wednesday,
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only into 50s. heading into weekend, it's unlear, one model wants to bring in a chance of rain on sunday. so you'll go check it out in the east bay. that is about it. >> a nice break. >> it is. >> coming up, there is a new reason could be tougher to up cause of a teenager attacked by taliban for wanting girls to tend school. a local girl's effort hitting the rights notes.
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software makers that make app for children are under investigation. getermine if
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companies are violating rights by collecting personal information from children phones then sharing witness advertisers and data brokers. the ftc will not specify which companies its investigating but examined 400 apps selected by online stores. most failed to inform parents about data it could gather and who could access it. >> a meeting is underway that could put an end to the strike stopping crab fishing off northern california for six days. the meeting taking place in fifsherman's wharf. crab fishermen discussing options after phone meetings with boat owners as far as washington state. crabbers getting $3 a bound when the season opened. >> san francisco is moving closer to labeling apartment complexes as smoking or nonsmoking. the land use took up a proposal making land lords
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tell perspective tenants whether smoking is available or not in units. >> also, we'll protect seniors children and families and people with asthma from having secondhand smoke seep from someone else's room foo their room.l]l÷ we feel this will create more smoke-free buildings and units it has support from san francisco apartment association. buildings with 50 or fewer units would have 12 months to december nate as either smoking or nonsmoking. >> today could turn out to be a historic day for fed yech yechl -- fed-ex. it plans to move 19 million packages today alone. the company expects to deliver 280 million packages between thanksgiving and christmas. fed-ex remind us to send
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packages in delivery. >> remarkable. >> rescued and recovery. >> a look at california wildlife n
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coming up, death of a singing sensation some may never have heard of. she had millions of fans. the toll her passing is taking. >> also, they've driven authorities crazy but now a deal could be close to keeping car services on the road. >> promising new technology that is helping paralysis patients kick start lives. i'll have the story coming up on abc 7 news at 6:00. >> now, a series of web cameras capture prg gres of rescued animals is now live. >> from lake tahoe wildlife center offering a peek at these adorable animals. many saved by the staff after
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facing serious injuries. >> look how cute those faces are. they take care of wild animals. to monitor progress just go to abc 7 click on see it on tv. >> hook at those face autos just beautiful. >> world news sup next. i'm carolyn johnson. >> from all of us here, thanks for watching. we'll see you at 6:00. this is "world news." tonight, pump dreams. a dramatic announcement about the u.s. economy. gasoline prices are plummeting. and we'll tell you how much and what it will mean for the family budget. face of courage. one of america's premier fighting men laid down his life to save a doctor he didn't know. behind the decision to send s.e.a.l. team 6 on a risky rescue mission. on the record. the tearful deejays apologize for the prank turned tragic.


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